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Fallen Tree Removal

Emergency Board Up

Water Damage

Water Damage: If a pipe bursts, your toilet overflows, or maybe you forgot to shut off the sink, Myco-Tek is there to clean up the mess.  Water Damage can ruin many things if not handled in a timely manner. Call our emergency service line to get a trained professional out to extract the water quickly and properly.

Fallen Tree Removal: Storm damage can create high winds, which in turn can blow trees or limbs down into the street or even onto your car or home. With a quick call to our emergency service line, Myco-Tek can come out to remove the tree or limbs and haul them away. 

Emergency Board Up: When there is a fire, more then likely there will be broken windows or doors.  A quick call to Myco-Tek and we can come out and board up your doors or windows the proper way, keeping your belongings safe and your house secure.

Emergency Services

941-486-9595 ALWAYS READY 24/7

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